Synthfarm : India’s leading residency for synthesis, modular sound design, music production, conceptual learning and synth-making.

Synthfarm 2021 dates will be announced soon.


Our focus is on India and its emerging artists, fostering talent and accelerating the growth of Indian electronic music. Synthfarm is an international effort in its 6th year. We have hosted curators, facilitators and participants from 5 continents. Synthfarm is built around community ethics and committed to awareness, inclusivity, empowerment and knowledge sharing in electronic music and technology.

Registrations will be announced soon.

Modular Synthesis

The first learning space at Synthfarm is dedicated to modular synthesizers and the resurgence of this technology. The learning is aided by the visualisation of sound waves and signals on oscilloscopes to better understand the building blocks of synthesizers. The course-ware ranges from basic synthesis to esoteric sound design. A series of hands-on presentations, lectures, patching exercises and live performances are held in this space.

The Live Space

The Live Space hosts a diverse collection of analog and digital synthesizers, drum-machines, effect pedals and sequencers all wired into a full size mixing desk and driven through a powerful PA. Fostering a 'plug & play' spirit, the Live Space features expert faculty explaining the practical aspects of setting up and operating a live studio and helping you discover the spontaneous nature of synthesizers. The courseware also includes improvised jams and 1-on-1 problem solving.

The Production Room

Music Production is a vast subject and we concentrate on the basics of production as well as advanced workflows. The courseware centers on Ableton Live and each visiting faculty brings their own tips and techniques. Whether it's building or breaking down beats, creating generative music or changing your approach to producing a track, the courseware encourages curiosity, creativity, individuality and spontaneity.

Synth Building

The Synth-Building space at Synthfarm is where we explore electronics and soldering.
This is where we build the Pocasynth, an analog synthesizer designed and fabricated in India for Synthfarm by Analog Factory Amplification and 5volts. We start with an introduction to electricity & electronic components then move onto practical skills like circuit building & soldering. We aim at demystifying electronics and encourage participants to build their own synthesizers to take home!