Welcome to Synthfarm

A three day residency set in the lush tropical surroundings within a spacious green farm, at Dattapukur (45 kms outside urban Kolkata). A bi-annual summit where a milieu of producers, DJs, musicians, sound-engineers and DIY geeks gather from all over the country to learn, collaborate and showcase emerging technology. Synthfarm aims to demystify music production, sound synthesis and understand the studio. One can learn how to build your own sound gadgets.

Synthfarm episode five (9/10/11 February 2018)

presents brand new courses, faculty and new immersive experiences. In February 2018, Synthfarm completes 5 editions since its inception in March 2015 counting over 70 attendees and 8 expert faculty.


Whether you are an aspiring Producer, DJ, Sound Engineer, Synth-geek or Tech-nerd, Synthfarm is an unique opportunity to learn, enhance and share your skills. Synth-Farm offers a three day journey into multiple learning experiences in the field of electronic music and sound. The residency is based on a series of courses per day, be it basic, professional or practical as per your needs.


The founders of Synthfarm have created an unique space, the only one in India, with an attitude based on sharing and caring. Synthfarm invites you to a very affordable yet incredibly unique residency. In addition to 15 hours of workshops spread over 3 days, you can enjoy the the flora and fauna and eat chef-prepared fresh organic farm produce.


Further, we suggest you indulge in the night barbecues with music listening sessions. In addition, Synthfarm attendees get access to selected reading, listening and viewing media in the field of electronic music and related technology.



The Registration

[Early Bird]

if you register before 5th February 2018.

[Last Minute Bird]

in case you register after 5th February 2018.

[Due to limited capacity at the farm, we have to provide for in advance for every detail of your stay, space and comfort]

Both packages include:

– Airport transfers from Kolkata airport or the city.
– Accommodation at the farm.
– Healthy meals and beverages.

Attend Synthfarm

Fill in the pre-registration form so we can send you more information on Synthfarm 6 to be held in September/October 2018.

Studio One: The Science

The Modular Room. Filled with cutting edge Eurorack synthesizer modules of every kind, this space is a tribute to modern modular synthesis and a place to explore and experience (hands on) everything from the core building blocks of synthesis to elaborate and imaginative patching techniques.


Studio Two: The Jam

The Live Room. Analog synthesizers and mixing boards dominate this space that is set up for live improvised jamming. This a space where many minds work in tandem to create and explore electronic music. The use of traditional instruments is encouraged here too. Just plug and play!

Studio Three: The DAW

Described as one of the most chilled out classrooms in existance, the layout of this upper deck is the HD projector / studio monitors / Ableton setup but the what you learn here goes far beyond the basics. A space for sharing of tricks and techniques, this is where many secrets are revealed.

Studio Four: The Lab

The DIY space at Synthfarm is the newest addition where we start by re-visiting basic physics and end up with an actual synthesizer to take home. A crash course in electronic engineering with hands on circuit building, you might just surprise yourself after you realise how easy it can be!

Facilitators at Synthfarm

Da Saz ( Lionel Dentan )

One of the fore-runners in Modular sound and synthesis in India, an artists who can balance the art of east/west music paradigms, in​ ​electronic and acoustic instruments. “I am on sonic journey, for life.” Since 2001, his experience as a musician, performing artist, producer and curator of projects has taken shape in many albums, compilations and live performances. ​Lionel Dentan presents modular synthesis as a tool for creativity as well as experimentation at Synthfarm 5.​


Pol Sinus

Pol is a musician, producer and sound-designer based in Geneva, Switzerland, with over a 100 different projects, albums and entitlements in the field of electronic music. His experience in electronic music and synthesis since 1995, has included DarkWave, Techno, Electro-acoustic, Noise, Experimental and Ambient forms of electronic music. His ‘autodidactic’ approach to learning and production over the last 20 years has resulted in a massive volume of albums, EPs, remixes as well studio and live production ventures with over 50 different artists. Pol Sinus brings his experience and expertise as a live engineer, sound designer and ‘studio guru’ at Synthfarm 5.

Website: www.otaku.ch​

Audio Pervert

Audio Pervert (Samrat B) is an artist, producer and writer based in Valencia, Spain. He is connected in myriad ways with global indie music culture for almost 18 years. As a musician and producer, Born in New Delhi India, Audio Pervert has created several projects since 2001, with institutions, bands, singers, bollywood as well as collectives in the field of electronic music. At Synthfarm 5, he presents the cognitive science of sound and ​the basics tenets of DAW and Composition.

Complete Profile: http://audiopervert.blogspot.com.es/p/profile.html​
​2017 Video Decompose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux1qJu1F_2Q​


Varun Desai a.k.a 5volts is one avid persona responsible for fostering numerous projects, events and electronic music scenes in India for almost 12 years now. 5volts is the unique merger of technology and sound via the synthesizer music tradition. As a solo live artist, Varun uses numerous classic synths, pushing edges of modern electronica, yet very reminiscent of classic ambient music of Krautrock and Berlin school synthesists. ​At Synthfarm 5, Varun imparts the basic of circuit building, synth fabrication and construction.