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Welcome to Synthfarm

A three day residency and workshop to demystify synthesis, unlock music production, understand the studio & share electronic music knowledge. India’s premier summit for modular synthesis and electronic music production, Synthfarm is set in the serene tropical surroundings within a spacious green farm in Dattapukur (45 kms outside urban Kolkata). Each year a milieu of producers, DJs, musicians and DIY geeks gather from all over the country to learn, collaborate and showcase emerging technology and talent. This October, Synthfarm completes 4 editions since its inception in March 2015. The initial grassroots effort has grown into an international venture this year.

Whether you are an aspiring Musician, Producer, Sound Engineer or Synth-Freak or DJ, Synthfarm is a very unique opportunity to learn, enhance and share your skills. Synthfarm offers a three day journey into Do-it-yourself ethics, knowledge-base for professional musicians as well as basic and practical courses for beginners. Join the Synthfarm family of sound !

Based on a practically useful courseware, we invite artists with a positive attitude, attuned for growth and query. The residency fosters a social outlook towards sharing & caring about electronic music, the technology and culture. Synthfarm invites you to a very affordable yet incredibly unique oppurtunity to learn, create & share.

In addition to 12 hours of workshops spread over 3 days, you can to look forward to eating chef prepared, fresh organic produce of our farm. Also we suggest you indulge in nature and nightly barbecues with music listening sessions and open jam sessions.

The registration fee for the 3 day residency is Rs.6000/- which includes airport transfers from Kolkata airport or the city, accommodation at the farm and meals.

Studio One: The Science with Da Saz

Da Saz (Lionel Dentan) is one of the few diversely experienced artists who can balance the art of east/west music paradigms, in both electronic and acoustic instruments. Modular Synthesis to Middle Eastern acoustic instruments to Indian classical Sitar to Noise-core, Lionel Dentan says “I am on sonic journey, for life”. Since 2001, his experience as a musician, performing artist, producer and curator of projects has taken shape in many albums, compilations and live performances. His voyage into modular systems and ‘chance synthesis’ started way back in 2008 as the zany artist persona of Captain Dubroshniev.


Studio Two: The Jam with United Machines

Himanshu Pandey a.k.a United Machines is one India’s few purists of hardware synthesizer based music. United Machines has emerged as a mature artist performing electronic music using a vast array of synthesizers. Having dedicated loads of time understanding the architecture, use and abuse of these devices, United Machines is a big contrast in a world clustered with laptops & boxed-in Djs playing mp3 files. Himanshu is a quiet ‘guru of synthesis’ with a massive collection of synthesizers, effects and drum-machines.

Studio Three: The DAW with Aryaman Agarwal

Aryaman Agarwal from New Delhi, is an Ableton Live instructor and music producer. After playing drums & percussions for some years, he gradually moved to become an electronic musician and got serious about production circa 2012. He has emerged as a serious artist in Delhi, plus a dedicated Ableton expert capable of teaching in English as well as Hindi. As a producer he has a deep influence from psychedelic trance and related forms of electronica.

Studio Four: The Lab with 5volts

Varun Desai a.k.a 5volts is an avid persona responsible for fostering numerous projects, events and electronic music scenes in India for almost 15 years now. 5volts is the unique merger of technology and sound via the synthesizer music tradition. As a solo live artist, Varun uses numerous classic synths, pushing the edges of modern electronic music while staying true to his early connections to classic ambient composers and producers from the Krautrock and Berlin school era. He is also founder of Littei, a pioneering event company from Kolkata with a vast repertoire of events, design and production.